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If you are looking for result based hypnotherapy or you wish to use hypnotherapy to discover more confidence and self esteem, then take control of your life now!

Call 020 8632 0623 and ask for Billi Silverstein or email: billi@billisilverstein.co.uk

Billi was active within the youth work service as a voluntary youth leader for a period of ten years. She attended counselling courses which dealt with matters such as understanding young people's social issues including confidence, sexual and physical abuse, drug addiction and self-esteem. Applying this knowledge within a youth setting as Youth Club Chairperson, Billi had total responsibility for the welfare and safety of up to one hundred thirteen to eighteen year olds. She worked within a team of youth leaders, both voluntarily and professionally and prepared and delivered social education programmes. This also involved her implementing and managing regular study trips for up to thirty club members.

Now a mother with two children, Billi completed the Hypnotherapy and Hypnohealing Foundation Course at the Atkinson-Ball College in January 2004 and went on to complete the Advanced Course in October 2004. This Advanced Course is only open to candidates with medical qualifications, counselling diplomas, NLP diplomas, or those who have completed the foundation course.

Billi holds presentations and seminars on Hypnotherapy and Life Improvement Skills using Self Hypnosis. She runs a private consultation clinic from North London Health and Fitness Centres and also from home.

Take control of your own life now!
If you  are looking for result based hypnotherapy or you wish to use hypnotherapy to discover more confidence and self-esteem.

Email: billi@billisilverstein.co.uk or call me today on 020 8632 0623  or 07534 512207.

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