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If you are looking for result based hypnotherapy or you wish to use hypnotherapy to discover more confidence and self esteem, then take control of your life now!

Call 020 8632 0623 and ask for Billi Silverstein or email: billi@billisilverstein.co.uk

Some Experts’ Views on the Safety of Hypnosis:

William Wesley Cook, M.D., author of Practical Lessons in Hypnotism – published 1901. “Hypnotism is the most practical science of the age. It enters into our everyday life and confers advantages which cannot be acquired through any other medium. Its practice is no longer a mere pastime for amusement or sensation, as professional men of the highest standing now recognise its value and seek to profit by its benefits. Scientists regard it as a natural power, for ages kept dormant, but apparently destined to perform an active part in the welfare and development of future generations.”

Leslie La Crome, psychologist and authority on hypnosis; “As to self induction, many thousands have learned it. I have yet to hear a report of any bad results from its use.”

Dr. William S. Kroger, author of Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis. Platinov, an associate of Pavlov, who used hypnosis for over fifty years, in more than fifty thousand cases, reports: “We have never observed any harmful influences on the patient which could be ascribed to the methods of hypnotherapy, or any tendency towards the development of unstable personality, weakening of the will, or pathological urge for hypnosis.”

Dr Julius Grinker; “The so-called dangers of hypnosis are imaginary. Although I have hypnotised many hundreds of patients, I have never seen any ill effects from its use.”

Rafael Rhodes, Psychologist, author of Therapy Through Hypnosis; “Hypnotism is absolutely safe. There is no known case on record of harmful results from its therapeutic use.”

Take control of your own life now!
If you  are looking for result based hypnotherapy or you wish to use hypnotherapy to discover more confidence and self-esteem contact billi@billisilverstein.co.uk or call me today on 020 8632 0623  or 07534 512207.

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