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Here's what some of my clients say about me:

"I was ready to give up smoking. Hypnotherapy with Billi helped enormously with the cravings."
Paul, Finchley, London

"Billi's stress managment programme has helped to keep employees focussed"
Simon, TFY Ltd., Barnet, London

Call 020 8632 0623 and ask for Billi Silverstein or email: billi@billisilverstein.co.uk

Treatments Available:  The diverse private practice offers therapy in three key areas. These are Addictions, Fears & Phobias, Emotional, Stress and Health related issues and Life Improvement and Enhancement Techniques.

Hypnotherapy could help with: 

Accident proneness Addictions Agoraphobia Alcoholism
Anger management Amnesia Allergies Anorexia
Anxiety Arthritis Asthma Bed wetting
Blushing Childbirth Claustrophobia Compulsions
Confidence Depression Exam nerves Failure syndrome
Fears Frustration Gambling Guilt feelings
Hay fever Headaches High blood pressure Indecisiveness
Indigestion Inferiority feelings Inhibitions Insomnia
Irritable bowel syndrome Learning difficulties Memory Migraine
Nail biting Nervous symptoms Neurosis Nightmares 
Over eating  Panic attacks Phobias  Psoriasis
Public speaking Self consciousness Sexual problems  Shyness
Smoking Sport performance  Stage fright Stammering
Stress Tension Twitching Ulcers
Warts Weight Worry Vaginismus

This list is far from exhausted. If you  are looking for result based hypnotherapy or you wish to use hypnotherapy to discover more confidence and self-esteem contact Billi Silverstein.


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