What my clients say

I was sceptical about therapy altogether. We worked with OCD and I can honestly say I am able to manage my symptoms successfully and even think about moving on. My behaviours were so debilitant and I feel fortunate to have learned a way to navigate these unwelcome traits.

JL – London WC1A

I LOVE working with Billi. She’s open, accepting, kind, and I feel safe and comfortable opening up to her. She is not only supportive, but she focuses and helps to give me tools to succeed independently. She gives her observations to help shed light on situations and at times challenges me. She has been amazing and I truly appreciate all of the support she has given me the past 4 months. I would recommend her at the highest level.

GR London

I absolutely treasure the journey Billi and I have gone on and value our time immensely. She has helped me navigate a multitude of issues over the years from the daily mundane stuff that pops up, to life altering decision-making, to making sense of my past. She is a remarkably empathic, non-judgmental, encouraging and supportive therapist. I really value that she offers virtual sessions as well as in-person sessions. She is what I describe as a non-punishing therapist

Gary M South London

Billi is an absolute superstar and I am so lucky to be able to work with her. She has a very calm approach and has helped me exponentially over the years. She continues to allow me to pop in when things get tough which is a blessing

SA – Hertfordshire

I couldn’t be more grateful for my time with Billi. She provides a warm and safe space for our sessions, she truly cares about me as a person and my progress, she has given me the tools needed to address some of my largest challenges and fears, and she is always open, without judgement, to anything I feel comfortable sharing. I consider myself lucky to be working with Billi.

MKT Manchester, UK

I’m lucky to have been put together with Billi for my studies and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Especially if you are studying Psychotherapy and need an experienced counsellor. Most of my skills have been learned in the counselling chair and I often hear her voice in my own counselling room.

PP - Pakistan

I got a really good connection with Billi from the start and comparing to previous sessions I’ve had, Billi has been one of the best therapists I’ve had.

After having lost both my parents within a short time frame, I felt I needed bereavement counselling together with my medication. Both have helped me tremendously.

Billi has been great in making me see the positive sides of things and how to think when I am feeling very low. I have been struggling with other issues too and I can’t praise Billi enough in how much she has lifted me up and helped me seeing more clearly.

I would highly recommend Billi to anyone. She is always in good spirit and I have even had much needed laughing sessions with her.

Thank you again!

HP- France

I have been in therapy with Billi for around 18 months. I was feeling completely overwhelmed by life – anxiety, nightmares, difficulty connecting with people, difficulty understanding why things were happening to and around me and inability to cope with the demands of negative family relationships.

Through open, non-judgemental, reflective and supported dialogue with Billi I was able find the courage to name and address the historic trauma I’d kept suppressed.

I began to understand how the history I was carrying had affected and was continuing to affect me; how certain triggers were causing me to respond disproportionately to present situations as I was in fact reliving painful memories of past events. I learnt to slow my thinking down so I could consider and take ownership of this when engaging with others.

I learnt to put boundaries down when dealing with family members and to be able to set and respect my own parameters in determining when their behaviour was unreasonable. I have come to terms with the past and have chosen to let it go, preferring to develop and evolve today and moving forward. I realise that this evolution is an ongoing process and I have the words of Billi in my ear as I continue to explore this profound way of experiencing the world. Billi has helped me not only with the problems I was facing but also with expanding my artistic research practice. She helped me find the confidence to apply for a PhD placement – I was one of very few candidates to be accepted. A lot of the work I presented to the panel stemmed from our sessions together. I have found working with Billi to be life-changing and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to do so.

MB – London