About Billi Silverstein

With many years of working in therapy, Billi is committed to providing psychotherapy and counselling in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment. She uses Humanistic, Behavioural and Psychodynamic interventions and prides herself on working within a client lead dynamic, covering stress, anxiety, trauma and loss.

Professionally, she is registered and accredited as an experienced Integrative Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor.

She has spent several years working with addiction, especially food addiction, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and eating disorders. She works with dual diagnosis clients in addiction clinics as well as other mental health organisations.

She uses her experience to help clients and patients expand and improve their emotional skills. Seeking therapy can be a complex journey, requiring both commitment and emotional investment. She believes that within a safe and empowering relationship everyone has the capacity to become agents of change. She works with people of all ages, in all stages of transition and at critical turning points.

Billi works in private practice running a successful and diverse individual psychotherapy clinic which offers bespoke therapy to the individual. She offers supervision to trainees and new counsellors and therapists, using a Humanistic Integrative approach for this purpose which matches her base training. She integrates Psychodynamic and Behavioural methods within her style of integration.

Billi works with all adults inclusively. She is known for seeing professionals and dignitaries and has also worked across the globe. Her focus is to explore diversity of experience with empathy and without judgement.

She also works at the Priory Hospital seeing both in-patients and out-patients and runs groups covering psycho-education and behaviour-led topics. Billi additionally delivers programmes for life improvement and enhancement techniques.

In order to maintain the highest possible levels of competence and care, Billi regularly undertakes personal supervision and continuing professional development.
She can work with most insurance companies, both in private practice or through other organisations.

Billi Silverstein - Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Billi Silverstein – Psychotherapy, Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Clients reach out to my services when they experience stress, anxiety, trauma or loss. Sometimes the presentation of these show-up in behaviours linked to OCD or eating disorders. I studied integrative psychotherapy which means that I integrate humanistic, psychodynamic and behavioural modalities in all the work that I do. Through my experience, I am able to draw on any of the streams that feel consistent with the environment.

Because all therapy is based on the therapeutic relationship itself, together we work out what is useful in identifying patterns of behaviour and thereby look to challenge core beliefs in line with values.

Psychotherapist Carl Jung said “We cannot change anything until we accept it”. The ultimate aim is to promote a life of balance.

If you are reading my post then you are probably curious to know whether a therapeutic alliance with me could be of benefit to you, and therefore you have already taken the first step to encourage change.

I invite you to attend a consultation with me where we work out if I can be of service to your needs. I work with all adults fully inclusively. My sessions last 50 minutes and usually run weekly.

I use my experience to help my clients expand and improve their emotional skills. My mission is to explore diversity of experience with empathy and without judgement. My endeavour is to enable you to live a life free of emotional burden.

Billi Silverstein